Hernán Dompé is an artist who is clearly immersed in contemporary life. However, his images, flooded by his admiration towards any cultural sign of ancient America, tell us about his fascination for the times when art, religion and everyday life didn’t use to be apart from each other. A time when man used to live in better harmony with nature. That is why his art conveys a deep ecologist message.

"Nature gives us many hints", says Dompé. Storms and rays, inhabit his art work. They are the spontaneous manifestations of nature which since the beginning of time have been understood by man as signs of something that is beyond a simple event. The wrath of the gods is a sublime sight to be figured out. Even though today, we may assume that we are really far from that magical thinking, it is ecology which determines how man is immersed in a natural environment that is teaching us its rules every single day.


Hernán Dompé was born in Buenos Aires in 1946, he is a National Teacher of Sculpting. He is currently living and working in Capilla del Monte, Córdoba, Argentina.


My relationship with fishing began in my childhood and little by little it grew into a passion. I have fished in scores of places and learnt lots of techniques but for many years now I have practised fly-fishing and returning the fish to its waters. Such is my enthusiasm that I now craft my own flies.